Jewels and Jackboots, by John Nettles, Hitler's British Channel Islands
The Channel Islands At War - The DVD (PAL)

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About the DVD

The Channel Islands At War - The DVD (PAL)
Written and Presented by John Nettles

The three part documentary about the only British soil to be occupied by the Nazis in WWII

There is no agreed and settled history of the German Occupation of the Channel Islands and the subject still arouses a great deal of passion and indeed anger. What did go on in those years? Was there widespread collaboration? Did the civilian authorities actively help the Germans to round up Jews? Was there any resistance in the Islands and, if so, who were the resistors? And why did Britain abandon the Islands so completely to their fate and in such strange circumstances?

Actor John Nettles, who became famous for his portrayal of Jersey detective Jim Bergerac, is the writer and presenter of this fascinating three-part documentary. These programmes attempt to answer some of these questions by using archive film footage, talking to the historians, expert in this subject and most importantly by letting the survivors of that awful time speak for themselves which they do most eloquently.

The story that emerges is complex, heart-rending and enthralling. It is the story of ordinary people many of whom became extraordinary as they lived through the harsh and bitter years of the German Occupation.

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